Hayat Al-Khulani
Certified Colon Therapist

Hayat’s awareness of natural healing began as a child. As a two-month premature infant, she became ill and the doctor was certain of her passing. Hayat’s mother decided to use a natural remedy prepared by the grandmother. Upon their return visit, merely one week later, the doctor was astonished that Hayat had pulled through.

Throughout her childhood, Hayat continued to witness the healing powers of her grandmothers’ natural remedies. She also enjoyed eating fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden.

As an adult, Hayat enjoyed a successful career as a highly motivated and result-oriented corporate executive. To the outside world she appeared healthy, strong, and in control. However, Hayat had derailed. She suffered from constipation, migraines, and depression. Hayat was simply not taking care of herself.

Everything changed in 2000, when Hayat discovered Colon Hydrotherapy as a vehicle to the recovery of her energy, sense of balance, and wellness. After her initial gravity-centered colonic, Hayat felt an immediate difference and was ecstatic. From that point on, she has been intrigued by the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy combined with naturopathic nutrition and lifestyle improvement.

Hayat continued treatment and transitioned to a cleansing lifestyle that includes proper food combining, juicing, and eating raw fruits and vegetables as a key component of her diet. This way of eating was so simple for Hayat to integrate into her very busy corporate lifestyle. There was no need for her to weigh food or count calories. With the vast array of natural, wholesome and seasonal foods, Hayat truly enjoyed the variety and taste, not to mention the wonderful desserts. There was no deprivation there!

Hayat easily transitioned into her new healthy lifestyle, which she maintains to this day. When asked if she misses certain foods, Hayat responds that surprisingly your taste buds change as the body becomes more balanced. Poor food choices once deemed your “favorites” begin to lose their appeal. In fact, as your system becomes more alkaline, the acid/mucus-forming foods are less tolerable. This is a natural occurrence, which means your cells are regenerating, your blood is becoming more oxygen rich, and your nervous system and senses are gaining acuity.

Hayat’s epiphany occurred as her body, mind and spirit blossomed into a new healthier self. What a life altering experience! Completely blown away by the results, Hayat put her corporate career behind her and decided to pursue a new career in Colon Hydrotherapy.

In 2006, Hayat completed in-depth training with Gil Jacobs who is noted for producing the most highly skilled therapists in the Woods Gravity Method. She later received certification from the Wood Hygienic Institute.

Hayat has first-hand knowledge of the power and efficacy of the work through personal experience as a client. As a therapist, she has truly come full circle. Clients comment that Hayat is passionate about her work. To which she states, “It’s not work…. It’s sharing knowledge so that others can experience a life changing transformation of their own.”

Hayat is a talented and intuitive therapist with a calming and nurturing personality. She is dedicated and engaged in the lifestyle, and is here to provide you with the guidance and support needed to discover, cultivate and maintain a healthier way of living.

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