Transition Haven

Lisane Basquiat and Stanley Louis: Personal/professional leadership coaching, physical fitness conditioning/training, transformational retreats, and integrated coaching/fitness programs.

Jane’s Juice

Jane Jones: Fresh vegetable/fruit juice, detox programs, juice demonstrations and appliance rental.

Montclair Massage Therapy and Wellness

Terry A. Andino: Customized, comprehensive and integrated therapeutic massage services, including medical massage techniques and rehabilitative stretching (AIS).

Essential Body Contours

Angeli Sibani: Non-invasive holistic cellulite treatment and body sculpting by Lipomassage. Also known as Endermologie.

Advanced Skin Care

Renée Rudikh: Customized holistic facials, skin care treatments, and masks.

Core Connection

Dana Hedden: AntiGravity Yoga, Inner Strength at the Barre, Hot Yoga, and Nia.

Bodies in Motion

Rolin San Juan: Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Niyolates, Nia, Pilates, and Strength/Toning.