Colon Hydrotherapy

Historians have indicated that colon therapy in its most basic form, the enema, has been practiced for hundreds of years – dating back to 1500 B.C. This ancient practice has greatly advanced over the years and is now referred to as Colon Hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation or colonics.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method to gently cleanse the large intestine via repeated flushing using filtered water. The water initiates peristalsis (muscular contraction) by which the colon naturally moves matter. The repeated filling and emptying of the colon exercises, tones and strengthens the colon muscles – helping to restore and/or maintain bowel regularity.

A healthy colon is essential to the optimal health and well-being of the entire body. Experience has taught that no health or healing program can be as successful as those that include a series of colonic irrigations. As such, Colon Hydrotherapy is the logical and necessary addition to any detoxification/cleansing, weight loss, fitness or wellness program.


As an essential facet of preventive care, Colon Hydrotherapy is simply one of the most profound therapeutic treatments available for a multitude of health problems.

Improved digestion, a sense of lightness, mental clarity, increased energy, emotional balance, clearer more radiant skin, and weight loss are among the benefits clients have experienced either immediately after a session or over time.

Conversely, as the body becomes overwhelmed with toxins, its natural balance is compromised. Symptoms such as constipation, gas/bloating, fatigue, depression, irritability, migraines, sinus problems and skin disorder often arise, and are a clear indicator of imbalance. These toxins accumulate primarily as a result of poor dietary habits and ignoring the “call of nature.”

When built-up toxins are removed from the body, organs function better, symptoms disappear, and optimal health can be achieved. With an unobstructed colon, the body can again effectively absorb nutrients and defend itself against disease. Natural peristalsis (muscular contraction), tone and regularity are also restored through this gentle cleansing process.

With proper diet, regular exercise, internal cleansing and elimination of waste from the body one can enjoy a far greater degree of vitality and overall well-being than otherwise imagined.

Gravity Method

Gravity-centered colonics are based on the Woods Gravity Method originated by Dr. Robert Woods and later advocated by Dr. Norman Walker. The gravity method is powered by water flowing from a tank suspended high above the colonic table. This closed system scores above others for safety, comfort and effectiveness.

Clients that have experienced other methods typically comment about the simplicity and ease of the gravity method.

The Session

The client is well covered and their modesty is maintained at all times. Our qualified, professional Certified Colon Therapist is present throughout the entire process, controlling water flow and administering skillful abdominal massage. A gentle pulsing technique and periodic short holds are also used – all of which maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

Filtered water enters and simultaneously exits the body. Matter is transported directly into the waste drain, thus nothing is exposed to the client or the therapist.

The Instrument

A high standard of hygiene is given top priority. The metal speculums are sterilized undergoing a three-step process. Each instrument is thoroughly:

  • Scrubbed and rinsed with soap and hot water
  • Soaked in a powerful disinfecting solution of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Sterilized in a Medical-Grade autoclave at a temperature of 350 degrees